Watt are you talking about?

13 07 2008

Ah, eavesdropping. It’s never polite. If you don’t want it to happen to you, please, keep your voice down.

Last week, while having a luxurious, sophisticated dinner at McDonalds, my boyfriend, E, and I ran into a bunch of kids that were planning an astronomy thing for their camping trip, and since we are always looking for excuses to go stargazing and camping, we got into their conversation, and quickly scored an invitation for the weekend.

So we arrived to Rayones, a beautiful valley filled with pecan trees a couple of hours from home, and promptly set up both camp and telescope. I was about to point our 5 inch scope to the always jaw dropping M13, when it starts acting all weird, followed by the acre scent of burning circuitry.

Man, was that stressful. The C5 (the telescope) was NOT working, the control flashing a dim red light and no information whatsoever. Subtle panic. We continued the tour with binoculars, and went  to sleep.

By the time we got home, the telescope hospital was closed. Later, while i was taking a much needed shower, E plugged the scope to the wall, and, Oh miracle! It worked. It was aligned successfully, the motors worked and everything was good. Apparently the problem is in the battery pack, because it is not sending enough energy to the scope’s control. We’ll take it to the hospital tomorrow.

At the end of the day E gave me a thorough, totally well explained lecture on electricity and power and the difference between watts and volts and amperes. It would have been a total success if not for my being completely baffled by those things to begin with. Well, at least i now know the difference. Just don’t ask me to explain it back.

Though this is not the explanation that my boyfriend lovingly dispatched over a hot cup of coffee last night, I leave Physics for Doofuses: Understanding Electricity, for all of us electrically challenged folk.




One response

16 07 2008

And what if the dufus is dufus enough not to understand it???
(raising the hand slowly XDDD)

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