Biochemistry is a BITCH

9 02 2009


It’s been a long time since I last wrote. It’s not that my life has been uneventful. Quite the contrary. In several posts I mention a certain Boyfriend. I must inform that Boyfriend is no more. He shall be now referred to as Ex#3. A few days later I found out that a dear friend had died.  Then I lost my job. And found a new one. And Ex#3 has a new girlfriend.

I have been meaning to write, about dopamine and serotonin, about STeve and developmental biology and god, and about my new students, about astronomy and how i have the time of my life when I’m teaching biology… but I can’t. I can’t focus at times, and I’m perpetually tired, or jittery or simply… blah.

This is what happens when your brain biochemistry goes awry. This is when you come to realize that this is not mere sadness, and it’s actually affecting your job and your life and your friends and that you might need chemical help just to get trough the day. This is also when you realize that the moment you lay hands on that prozac your chances of ever dating Tom Cruise have gone straight to hell. So be it. I like Christian Bale better.




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