Pharyngula on Strike

21 07 2010

My favorite blog in the blogosphere is on strike!!!!

I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but it seems that ScienceBlogs, an organization that I wanted to belong to one day, made some bad decision, and several of it’s members (most of whom I followed) decided to leave.

This issue started with Sb inviting (and I use the word freely) Pepsico to write a blog.  This lead to many bloggers to feel that their trust in Sb, and the network’s  objectivity might be jeopardized.

It pains me to see that my favorite blog is on strike.  It pains to see that many other bloggers left a forum that allowed many learning opportunities to aspiring scientists and science journalists like me.

This loss of many voices and opinions is in detriment of Seed Media and might even deliver the final blow to the organization, according to some bloggers.

I don’t know.

I do know, however, that one of the best things science has going for it is objectivity. Individuals may fail at this, but the collective of scientists is an insurance against bias. It enriches the process, and makes its results extremely trust worthy.

When you one is sponsored, there’s the tacit obligation to comply with the sponsor’s agenda, and when it comes to science, this can have catastrophic consequences.

I hope the issue resolves soon, because I’ll miss my Pharyngula fix.




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