A Risky Revival

4 09 2011

Last Friday was my first “Risk and Crisis Reporting” class. One of the class’ requirements  is to have a journal where I write about different crises and risks, and how they are communicated. That should be easy…

The first thing I did after the class was over, and after nuking my chicken quesadilla (which did not taste as good as it sounds), was to blind-Google this author that I heard once in a podcast. He was talking about a book whose title I could not remember, on a podcast I heard over a year ago. The actual interview could be even older, being that I am waaay behind on my podcast listening.

Somehow, I found him. His name is David Ropeik. I found a couple of his books on amazon.com and ordered them immediately.

You will certainly hear more about this.

About the title: I considered buying an actual journal and writing about all these risks by hand. Unlikely. I did go to Office Depot and looked around at the fancy notebooks and pretty pens. I decided to revive my long-forgotten blog, and spend those 5 bucks on ice cream instead.





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