A Plague on Both Your Houses

11 11 2011

Sometimes people deserve to have several choice expletives flung at them…

Someone had the “brilliant” idea to send chicken pox lollipops to give their children. These people decide not to vaccinate their kids, because they have been told by a mom/playboy model that vaccines cause autism . In their zeal to protect their children, they decide to immunize the “natural” way, hosting or attending “pox parties” so that the kids can come in contact and hopefully contract the disease. In their eyes, vaccinations are deadly, but a rampant herpes zoster infection is menial.

For example, a parent in the Facebook group offers Q-tips, spit and lollipops licked by her sick children for 50 dollars.

Admittedly, a lot of children get chicken pox (even some vaccinated children), but varicella is nothing to sneeze at. It can lead to complications that range from a bacterial infection of the skin to cerebellar ataxia, encephalitis, or Reye’s syndrome. Also, the virus can remain in the nerves and come back as shingles, a very painful infection of herpes zoster.

fortunately, it is more likely that the parents are only wasting their money, because the virus is unlikely to survive the shipping. Still, bacteria and other viruses, like hepatitis, can remain in the lollipop.

Unfortunately, there are reports of people selling items tainted with measles, a disease that is more infectious than chicken pox and can have more, graver complications than chicken pox. People who buy this are trying to dodge the school-mandatory vaccination.

it is very sad. People are endangering their children based on a lie. People are risking a sentence of 20 years in prison, because sending diseases by mail is a federal crime.

But mostly, and insignificantly in comparison, people are making themselves subject to scorn (and are becoming a laughingstock) because what they are doing lacks scientific evidence, is dangerous, idiotic, illegal and disgusting.




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